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thescribesmind's Journal

The Scribe's Mind - An Exercise in Self Indulgence
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This what, I am told, is called a "mun-head"... basically, its an exercise in self-indulgence, as the community's title says, where my various role-play characters talk to one another.

The posting access here isn't open, and at its core, is basically just me talking to myself. I'm not exactly sure, I think it'll be fun. A pointless exercise, sure, but hey, its just for the sake of "what if", and see what happens when I have some of these freaks I play I talked to each other.

And now "they" want to say something.

We, the characters of this so-called "lunatic", are pleased that we now have a forum that serves to allow us to speak our minds without bringing it to the attention of the multi-verse, in an in-character fashion or otherwise. However, we would like him to know that this is not an excuse to play some of us less.

And why the @#$% is Barry our mascot?

- Raptor's Characters